Desert Diamond Cares

去年, our company along with two local partners came together to donate and install a new 特灵 unit to a Mesa resident in need. Continuing in this tradition, we have chosen the Arizona Small Dog Rescue to receive a new unit, 劳动, and sheet metal at no cost.

Located in 凤凰城,阿兹, the Arizona Small Dog Rescue is a registe红色的 nonprofit whose mission is to rescue and care for abandoned, 被忽视的, or abused dogs until a forever family is found. Offering dog adoption, 培养, microchipping, 和更多的, their team of volunteers and staff are committed to the safety and welfare of their dogs.

At Desert Diamond Mechanical, we believe that a safe and healthy environment is incomplete without a properly functioning cooling and heating system.

Giving Back in 2020

With August temperatures soaring above 105° daily, anyone living in 凤凰城 and the surrounding communities can recognize how important it is to have a functioning A/C system. We received a call one day from Ms. Marsha Wright, a Mesa resident whose air conditioner wasn’t functioning properly. When we went out for the service call, we found Ms. Wright attempting to use a portable air conditioner window unit to help cool down her entire home. Her whole home system had reached the end of its life and the repair was almost as expensive as a replacement.

Not being able to afford either option, Ms. Wright had come to terms with simply having to live with her portable window unit to cool her home. When I heard about Ms. Wright’s situation, I took matters into my own hands, knowing that I couldn’t leave one of our community members to suffer in the desert heat. After getting the breakdown of services from my tech that would be requi红色的 to get her system back up and running, I made the decision to install a new 特灵 4-Ton 14 SEER Gas Package Unit at Ms. Wright’s residence free of charge. Ms. Wright is a local animal shelter foster parent and knowing her involvement in our community only made us want to give back more.

今天, with the help of our local partners, Mark’s Metal in 凤凰城, who donated all of the sheet metal needed for the job, and Cuco’s Crane in Laveen, who donated their crane and time, Ms. Wright and all of her foster animals are able to rest easy in the cool and comfort of their home once again. We’re very thankful for our community partners who were able to step in and donate their time and materials for this job, and are happy we could be there to give back in a time of need.